€ 145 billion for the European semiconductor industry
19 EU countries are planning to raise € 145 billion by 2023 in order to strengthen the European semiconductor industry and increase its global market share.

Startled by the corona-related collapse of international supply chains, the policy has decided to act: the investment is intended to strengthen European autonomy and reduce dependence on (primarily) Asian chip suppliers. Remember: A few days ago, Minister of Economic Affairs Altmaier had to ask his Taiwanese colleague whether TSMC could not ramp up production to supply VW & Co. …

While GlobalFoundries has already announced that it will invest € 1 billion in Dresden to increase production to the factor 2.5, the EU would like to start a project of common European interest (IPCEI), similar to the Bosch Fab, with its "Joint declaration on processors and semiconductor technologies".
This is also intended to increase the European share of global chip trade (estimated at € 440 billion). Currently, this is between 6% and 10%, depending on the viewer.

Somehow it all reminds us of the 10/100/20 project back in 2013. Do you remember? At that time it was said: € 10 billion from the EU + € 100 billion from industry => 20% world market share in 2020.

Will it work this time? One can be curious!

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