Business Korea: U.S. Companies Luring Korean Engineers – Manpower Shortage Becoming Chronic in Semiconductor Industry
U.S. semiconductor companies are contacting Korean engineers experienced in EUV lithography.

A manpower shortage is accelerating in the global semiconductor industry. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger recently asked the U.S. government to address the issue, saying that his company would invest US0 million in Ohio to run engineer training programs.

The shortage in the United States is because local manufacturing facilities are expanding fast. There, Intel recently decided to invest 40 trillion won and Samsung Electronics is planning to build a foundry in Texas by investing 20 trillion won. In addition, Micron Technology, TSMC and many more are increasing their investments in the United States.

Under the circumstances, semiconductor manufacturing equipment suppliers are increasing their employment. For example, ASML is recruiting EUV lithography engineers in Texas in relation to the new foundry of Samsung Electronics. The shortage is particularly severe when it comes to EUV lithography engineers and this is because the technology, which originated from South Korea and Taiwan and has been in use for just a couple of years, is quickly becoming a mainstream.

At present, U.S. semiconductor companies are contacting a large number of South Korean engineers experienced in EUV lithography. Concerns of South Korean semiconductor companies, which are already understaffed, are growing with their government yet to come up with measures that can be of help.

Article by Kim Eun-jin, April 4, 2022

PS: What will happen in EU? Where will INTEL find the announced 3000 workforce for the planned Magdeburg site?