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Enterprise quick-check

To analyze the mistakes of the past in order to become better is useful!

Knowing on a real-time basis where things can become critical, helps to prevent failures and improves your overall performance, keeping you in the running. Perhaps you already know or have an idea that some things in your enterprise need to be changed: departments whose operations are often dissatisfactory; interpersonal relations which could clearly be better; a flowchart which must be repeatedly optimised; duties which are done twice, while others remain undone; the list could go on forever.
In these cases, consulting agencies often place unrealistic offers, which lead to expensive "never ending projects.”

SONAR offers the Quick Check:

Equipped with the necessary background and more than 15 years of experience in the human resources and recruiting, we offer you a Quick Check of your entire enterprise. In one-on-one conversations we grasp the present situation. In approximately 14 days time, you receive concrete, expressive analysis results, with the identification of the most pressing problems as well as appropriate action proposals. All this for a fixed flat-rate fee, which is agreed upon prior to the project start. Thus you have all advantages: you can react in a contemporary way and optimize  your enterprise while keeping your  cost under control. We utilize nearly all options in our portfolio. The Quick Check is carried out by experienced advisors. Through a Quick Check, your enterprise can profit from our branch and personnel know-how. We will help you to discover not only the real advantages and disadvantages, but also the potential areas of improvement.