Mergers & Acquisistions (M&A)

Prior to an enterprise transfer it is best to use the sensible know-how and experience of independent branch insiders.

The figure work (balances, EBIT, etc.) is naturally an essential element to the sales or acquisition of an enterprise. But even the best figure analysis or due diligence grants no insight into history, informal structures, climate and motivation or psychology of the employees. It becomes even more difficult, if it is a matter of estimating the respective market situation as well as the competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. The fact that even professional analysts of banks and rating agencies often can not manage this is proven by the financial crises of the past years. Reliable and independent expert information is brought up to recognise chances and risks and to avoid wrong decisions and losses.

SONAR offers an additional external analysis at the enterprise from the perspective of the human resource  department. Of key interest is the future progress after a transfer and its impact to the climate, the teams and the best performers as well as expected fluctuations. In addition, the chances and risks of the transfer are investigated neutrally and therefore offer a sound decisive factor to the situation.